9 Tools to help you with your next design project

We’re here to share with you some tools to help you with your next design project whether it’s for branding or graphic design

Choosing the color theme for your brand is that most tricky part while starting a project, these 9 website will help you get things going

  1. https://javier.xyz/ – Tool that may help you to create cohesive color schemes.
  2. https://www.materialpalette.com/ – Material Colors
  3. https://brandcolors.net/ – The biggest collection of official brand color codes around
  4. https://www.webdesignrankings.com/ – Curated color palette inspiration
  5. https://mycolor.space/ – Color brainstorming
  6. http://www.colinkeany.com/ – Blend two colors
  7. https://colorable.jxnblk.com/ – For Text and Background
  8. https://colorhunt.co/ – Trendy Colors
  9. https://picular.co/ – Just enter a keyword, Google, But for colors

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