Our People

Ahmed AG

Founder / CEO

Mohamed Moustafa

Founder / CEO

Menna Nabil

OP Manager

Maram Alaa

Creative head

Esraa Fahmy

Int. Account Manager

Shourk Salah

account Manager

Nadine Haytham

Account manager

Cherine Alaa

Content Creator

Heba Tharwat

Content Creator

Aya Abdelaty

Content creator

Fatema ElZahraa

Senior Graphic Designer

Isra Gamal

Senior Graphic Designer

Hossam Hassan

Senior Graphic Designer


Junior Graphic Designer

Mariam Wagdy

Motion Graphics

Why Choose Us?

At SPNZO, We Strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience

A knowledgeable team

We know what works, and we won’t waste time trying new things until proven successful.

Transparency & Accountability

Our team members diligently work each day to deliver results for you. You can have peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your project or campaign is carefully monitored and documented, ensuring there are no unexpected surprises later on.

Superior Quality Workmanship

Every single piece of content produced by SPNZO has passed through rigorous quality control.